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How Much MoneyCan I Make in Summer Sales?

What does the average summer sales rep make?
How difficult is summer sales? / is summer sales hard?
Do I need sales experience to do summer sales?

Do I have to payrent while doing summer sales?

How long do I sell for in the summer?
What is the best/easiest thing to sell, door-to-door?
What is the daily schedule like in summer sales?

What if I can’t sell?What if I struggle to sell during the summer?

Do I have to lie to sell door-to-door?
Do I get paid if I bring in recruits / bring my friends?
Do I sell by myself during the summer or with someone else?

Pest Control?

Alarm Systems?


What are your priorities?

We all have different reasons for going out on summer sales. What are yours?

  • Maximum Income
  • Travel
  • Sell with friends
  • Higher contract following year
  • Good Environment

How much can I make in a summer?

It's up to you how much you want to make. Sales reps who come back in following summers make even more.

1st Summer
2nd Summer
3rd Summer